Write a sentence using the word thats

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10 Reasons to Trash Word for Google Docs

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“That’s So Retarded” – Why I Stopped Saying This, And You Should Too.

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1 Language Processing and Python

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Crafting Better Sentences: Use “That” Carefully

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And you have to find perfect hooks for an essay even when you don’t know what to write about. The original conversion copywriter, Joanna is the creator of Copy instituteforzentherapy.com's been invited to teach conversion copywriting on more than 50 stages worldwide, including Digital Commerce Summit, Inbound, CTA Conf and Business of Software.

May 11,  · Some of these everyday phrases make the speaker sound unintelligent because they lack originality, some indicate poor grammar, and others just connote mental laziness.

I have this bad writing habit, I use the word 'that' so many times. I know it is grammatically valid, but using 'that' too often is not good. But I don't know in which sentences I can remove the word 'that'.

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Write a sentence using the word thats
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