Write a program achieve full duplex communication using pipes

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How to: Use Named Pipes for Network Interprocess Communication

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Basic Guide of Interprocess Communication and Pipes

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Technology Is Changing American Life Style. The internet, e-commerce, mobile technology and social media have all transformed the way we live, learn, work, shop, and acquire information. How to write the program on full-duplex communication on biderctional(e.g using two pipes).

I'm trying to make a full duplex pipe, it's a piece of my home work (i tell beforehand). The scope of the homework is much much larger than this pipe, I just need it done so I could go on with the work.

Basic Guide of Interprocess Communication and Pipes

Introduction Interprocess Communication (IPC) enables processes to communicate with each other to share information Pipes (half duplex) FIFOs (named pipes) Stream pipes (full duplex) Named stream pipes Message queues Semaphores Shared Memory Sockets Streams.

Full Duplex Asynchronous Read/Write with Named Pipes WCF, memory mapped files, even using files, to name a few. I ended up selecting named pipes because it's a: Simple approach with little overhead.

So, there you have it -- hopefully a simple yet extensible library that implements asynchronous full duplex named pipe communication.

Write a program achieve full duplex communication using pipes
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How to: Use Named Pipes for Network Interprocess Communication | Microsoft Docs