Write a dialog-based activex control using atl


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Hi Is it possible to write a mfc activex control that runs another activex control like Answered | 3 Replies (simple Windows Forms Label control) to my dialog based native MFC application, it runs fine in Visual Studio. However, if I try. COM/ActiveX control has been around for more than a decade.

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In spite of all, it is very difficult to get a complete Windowless container. MFC dialog has its own Windowless container that is truly windowless compared to ATL but if your project can't afford to depend on MFC, you are on your own. The. An ActiveX control container is a parent program that supplies the environment for an ActiveX (formerly OLE) control to run.

ActiveX control is a control using Microsoft ActiveX technologies. ActiveX is not a programming language, but rather a set of rules for how applications should share information.

How to gain access to member variables of the control derived class from its property page when you use an ActiveX control Q How to change background color of a dialog box by using ATL Q How to insert a splash screen in a dialog-based application by using Visual C++.NET or Visual C++.

Hi. I'm working an ATL-ActiveX. (IE Toolbar) CBN_SELCHANGE is fired at next following time: 1. The moment when I press arrow-keys.

2. The moment when I click an item in list in ComboBox. I don't want case of 1. I only want to catch MOUSE-CLICK in list. Please help me.

Write a dialog-based activex control using atl
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