Uses of telemedicine essay

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Keystone Technologies

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71% of Healthcare Providers Use Telehealth, Telemedicine Tools

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Yet, one of the main problems in this field is the fact that by being able to access patients regardless of borders, the practice of telemedicine is still constrained by the rules, regulations and standards of the country or state that the patient is in.

71% of Healthcare Providers Use Telehealth, Telemedicine Tools More than 70 percent of healthcare providers are using telehealth or telemedicine tools to connect with patients in the inpatient and ambulatory settings. Financial assistance to improve telemedicine services and distance learning services in rural areas through the use of telecommunications, computer networks, and related advanced technologies to be used by students, teachers, medical professionals, and.

A modification of a famous analogy used in educational research when applied to telemedicine summarizes the medical impact of telemedicine. telemedicine is a logical extension of the growth of the technical and technological aspects of health care. Telemedicine is a $ billion industry, and it’s expected to grow % annually from – While it still has some limitations, many healthcare providers are innovating to solve these issues and improve their patients’ access to quality care.

Telemedicine is broadly defined as the provision of health care services across some distance (Greenberg, ). More recently, telemedicine has been defined by the specific elements of service that are provided/5(16).

Uses of telemedicine essay
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