The use of statistical evidence reasoning and persuasive elements to build a valid argument in favor

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MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience

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Argument. The word “argument” can be used to designate a dispute or a fight, or it can be used more technically. The focus of this article is on understanding an argument as a collection of truth-bearers (that is, the things that bear truth and falsity, or are true and false) some of which are offered as reasons for one of them, the conclusion.

This article takes propositions rather than. An argument is a conclusion about an issue that is supported by reasons. The three parts of an argument are the issue, reasons, and conclusion.

An issue is the question or subject under discussion.

The Rule of Balance -- Logical Mind vs. Emotional Heart

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The use of statistical evidence reasoning and persuasive elements to build a valid argument in favor
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