The reason and use of transformers

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Transformer types

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The Transformers (cartoon)

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The Transformers (cartoon)

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This article is about the cartoon series.

What Is the Purpose of a Transformer?

For other uses of The Transformers, see Transformers (disambiguation). This real-time combat strategy mobile game pairs authentic Transformers story-telling with fast-paced gameplay, 3D animation and hundreds of characters.

When Transformers came out, I'd have never watched them.

What Could Cause A Transformer To Burn?

But a new friend turned me on to these movies, as well as the Marvel comic movies, and I'm wondering why I thought they were so dorky that I wouldn't watch them. The Decepticons are one of the primary factions in the Transformers mythos. They are typically concerned with such things as conquering Cybertron, defeating the Autobots, amassing large quantities of energon, developing powerful weaponry, and beating people necessarily in that order.

Unlike the Autobots, whose leader is a Prime bearing a Matrix, the Decepticons are led by the most. Doughnut-shaped toroidal transformers save space compared to E-I cores, and may reduce external magnetic field. These use a ring shaped core, copper windings wrapped round this ring (and thus threaded through the ring during winding), and tape for insulation.

The reason and use of transformers
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