The history and use of the positouch system

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Positouch Point of Sale Systems

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POSitouch POS Restaurant Systems and Software

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Boost Sales Fast

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Restaurants Solutions

Toast’s system is easy to learn and the company does an excellent job during the set-up process, making sure that you have everything you need to get started quickly.

A representative will walk you through the system, taking as much time as you need to feel comfortable with it.

The Positouch System

To get a full grasp of all of Toast’s front- and back-end features, you’ll need to spend some time playing. POSitouch is a sofware product - made in Rhode Island - which allows off the shelf hardware components to be used for a sophisticated and multi-functional Point-of-Sale system.

POSitouch is branded as the most robust point of sale system in the food service industry. Capable of handling any food service environment, POSitouch can manage complicated table service restaurants, high end dining establishments, country clubs as well as quick service settings such as cafeterias, bars, and stadiums to name a few.

1 review of Positouch Point of Sale Systems "I would definitely do my due diligence before using this company. I have had the system for about 3 years and have had to make numerous hardware replacements and had software issues.

I noticed that 1/5(1). Positouch comes with a built in inventory system. To use it, you need to get some training and spend a small amount of time to set it up and you’re off. You can make it tight and use the theory as well as actual method or you can just do actual.

You can count just your meats or liquor or use it to count everything down to the salt on the tables. POSitouch offers two types of scheduling to compliment your time and attendance system: Budget-based scheduler based on labor cost dollar and percentage targets.

Forecast- based scheduler using historical data and staffing guides to provide targets for scheduling.

The history and use of the positouch system
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