The features of radiology and its use in medicine

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Computer-aided diagnosis

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Imaging and radiology

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n 2. the science of radiant energy, its use toward the extension of present knowledge, and its diverse beneficial applications. radiology, oral, n all phases of the science and art of radiology that are of interest to the dental profession.

Radiology is the medical specialty devoted to creating images of the inside of the human body. To do this, radiologists uses a variety of energy sources, including x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, nuclear, and others.

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What does a radiologist do?

There are many benefits for patients from medical imaging. Images of the human body are created using a variety of means such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine and X-rays to allow physicians to see inside the body, to identify and/or rule out medical problems, and to diagnose diseases.

Reflux is an important factor in many different lung diseases and its manifestations are under recognised. The pathological basis of reflux has recently undergone major changes and clinicians’ understanding has improved with diagnostic technology.

The features of radiology and its use in medicine
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