The effects of music in the 60s to the rise in marijuana and lsd use

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The Influence of Drugs throughout Music in the 1960s: The Psychedelic Era

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How LSD was popularized, The creation of an LSD black market. Prior toLSD was a little known drug, available only on a. Hippies smoked marijuana, kids in ghettos pushed heroin, and Timothy Leary, a Harvard professor, urged the world to try LSD.

In popular imagination, the s were the heyday of illegal drug use -- but historical data indicate they probably weren't. Today, we are going to talk about the history of drug abuse and one of the biggest changes in the 60’s which was the widespread use of illicit drugs, primarily hallucinogens such as marijuana and LSD.

The s was a decade of social revolution full of historical movements, new technology, and popular culture. It was also considered the Psychedelic Era because of the commonly initiated drug influence.

Psychedelic tendencies altered the artwork, films, and music of this time period.

The effects of music in the 60s to the rise in marijuana and lsd use
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