Form of communication use in hospitality industry

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Form of communication use in hospitality industry

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Nowadays, communication is become more important as it is utilized not only in business purpose, but also used extensively in our lifestyle such as normal dialog or studies.

While in hospitality and tourism industry, communication not only is use between customer and staff, but.

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While for hospitality industry, it also includes all of this form of communication when facing either with customer or the staff in the organization.

First of all in hospitality industry, verbal form is the most common form of communication that is use when facing with guest and staff in the hotel. The hospitality industry generally involves much confusion, so effective communication is needed to resolve the confusion.

There is a high level of interaction with people in the hospitality. In the hospitality industry it's used for booking a room or a table, to contact guests and more.

examples of body language communication: To maintain good relations with customers, employees, suppliers and other organizations for profits.

Compelling communication skills are important in a hotel regardless of some staff members not being guest-facing. A few hotels spend considerable amount of .

Form of communication use in hospitality industry
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