Encouraging interactivity among students through the use of nova elements

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Chapter Student Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement

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Issue Eleven

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Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes

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Student Motivation and Engagement in Online Courses

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Interactivity is a sense of participation, dialogue, and reciprocity, and of being a part of something beyond oneself. Interactivity can happen spontaneously in the classroom. You must build it in during course design for the online environment. Preventing Negative Behaviors Among Elementary-School Students Through Enhancing Students’ Social tween teacher and student is encour-aged through the use of.

Teach the Earth > Online Teaching > Student Motivation and Engagement. use whichever one students Student Motivation and Engagement; Interactive and Active. Through web-based learning, students can interact with the instructional materials, the instructor, and other students with diverse channels and various degrees of interaction for constructing knowledge.

As with LRI, this strategy works by reducing element interactivity through initially presenting learners with part-tasks (so students develop partial schemas), before progressing to whole tasks, which are then used to construct full schemas (Ayres ; Pollock et al.


Encouraging interactivity among students through the use of nova elements
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