Calculating the youngs modulus for a beam by using a strain gauge and the wheatstone bridge

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Amendment Gauge Wheatstone Bridge Circuit.

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With the cantilever beam unloaded, measure and note the resistance of one of the gauges using a Digital Multimeter (in resistance mode).

What is the change in gauge resistance when a 1 kg load is suspended from the beam? Setting up the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit.

How to Calculate Young's Modulus

Assemble the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit as shown in figure 2. YOUNG’S MODULUS AND STRAIN DISTRIBUTION IN A WOODEN BAR USING A STRAIN GAUGE AIM: (a) To determine the Young‟s Modulus of the given material (half meter wooden scale) (b) To investigate the strain distribution on a wooden 1 meter scale.

Pre-Lab questions: 1. What is a strain gauge? 2. The Wheatstone bridge is also well suited for the measurement of small changes of a resistance and is, therefore, also suitable for measuring the resistance change in a strain gage (SG). It is commonly known that the strain gage transforms strain applied into a proportional change of resistance.

The relationship. calculations were made using strain gage resistance changes, Wheatstone bridge circuits, and a Vishay strain gage conditioner and amplifier system. The values for strain. Strain gauge amplifier: See yellow box strain gauge amplifier box in the lab.

You may remember it from EN3, or EN You may remember it from EN3, or EN Strain gauges and temperature: self heating; or heat from the bulk material the gauge is attached to. Stress, Strain, and Strain Gages, Page 4 Unbalanced quarter bridge circuit - to measure strain In normal operation, the Wheatstone bridge is initially balanced as above.

Now suppose strain is applied to the strain gage, such that its resistance changes by some small amount R3. In other words, R3 changes from R3,initial to R3,initial + R3.

Calculating the youngs modulus for a beam by using a strain gauge and the wheatstone bridge
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