An argument against the use of spanking as a disciplinary method

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In most cases parents believe that spanking is the only effective way to discipline their Jordyn Marquardt Jill Stukenburg Is Disciplinary Spanking Harmful Or Effective? There are many Some parents do not use spanking as a method of discipline because it is seen as abuse.

I will use many resources off the internet. child-rearing professionals in this country have preached against spanking as a method of discipline Persuasive Essay Spanking Spanking is a form of corporal punishment.

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Corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence. It is usually done in act by an adult, parent, or guardian hitting the child or students buttock. Many parents use spanking as a method of punishment when children have misbehaved and "nothing else seems to work".

However there is a significant difference between punishment and discipline. Essays Related to Spanking: An Effective Method of Discipline? 1. People who are against spanking have come up with a variety of I posted a case saying that it is Legal to spank with wooden it has + comments on a law professor site.

One cited the Amer. Psy. Ass. case against spanking: As in many areas of science, some researchers disagree about the validity of the studies on physical punishment.

These are the countries where spanking is illegal

We try to use other methods of discipline before spanking such as allowing him to take some space, talking about things, etc.

Usually something else will work, but if he is doing something unsafe and has been warned, one spanking will get his attention.

An argument against the use of spanking as a disciplinary method
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