Alternative uses to gasoline

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Replacing Oil: Alternative Fuels and Technologies

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Uses of Natural Gas

Possibly half of all US homes used rote gas for heating in[ 8 ] and 70 discover of all new lecturers are built with gas heating decades. Alternative fuels are derived from sources other than petroleum. Most are produced domestically, reducing our dependence on imported oil, and some are derived from renewable sources.

Often, they produce less pollution than gasoline or diesel. Share Alternative Fuels Data Center: Ethanol on Facebook; Tweet about Alternative Fuels Data Center: Ethanol on Twitter; Bookmark Alternative Fuels E15 is defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as a blend of % to 15% ethanol with gasoline.

Alternative Uses for Gasoline?

E15 is an approved ethanol blend for use in model year and newer light-duty. 10 Reasons to Use Alternative Fuels & The Future of Automobiles Alternative fuels for automobiles are currently a topic of growing interest and importance. On the basis of October data, there are approximately 34 million flexible fuel vehicles and the sale of hybrid electric vehicles numbered more than 9 million (September data).

The extent to which alternative fuels can reduce U.S. dependence on petroleum, lessen the impact on U.S. consumers of spikes in the world price of petroleum, and improve U.S.

Alternative fuel

national security through reductions in imported petroleum depends on the scale of their penetration into the transport fuel market. Alternative fuels, known as non-conventional and advanced fuels, are any materials or substances that can be used as fuels, other than conventional fuels like; fossil fuels (petroleum (oil), coal, and natural gas), as well as nuclear materials such as uranium and thorium, as well as artificial radioisotope fuels that are made in nuclear reactors.

An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that runs on a fuel other than traditional petroleum fuels (petrol or Diesel fuel); and also refers to any technology of powering an engine that does not involve solely petroleum (e.g.

Alternative Fuels

electric car, hybrid electric vehicles, solar powered).

Alternative uses to gasoline
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