A fictional story about ufo encounters in the local scene

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List of reported UFO sightings

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Pick from. George Adamski (17 April – 23 April ) was a Polish American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, and to have taken flights with them to the Moon and other planets.

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Sep 08,  · UFO enthusiasts who prefer some documentation with their speculation might prefer journalist Leslie Kean's recent book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.

A real-life mix of The X-Files and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Mezrich “writes vividly and grippingly A terrific story [that] will make a heck of a movie” (The Washington Post).Here is the “fascinating” (Publishers Weekly) true story of a computer programmer who tracks paranormal events in remote areas of the western United States and is drawn deeper and deeper into a.

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A fictional story about ufo encounters in the local scene
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