A creative story about a day at the beach

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Free Creative Writing Prompts #54: Beach

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Short Story

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His name may not be familiar, but David Marks was one of the original founding members of the Beach Boys.

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His signature joined those of Brian. Short Story My Family and I had decided to go to the beach for the day, it was a hot 28 Degree's outside at am in the morning.

I packed my day bag with my togs, towel and sunscreen I. Jul 21,  · Vanessa marveled at the beautiful, wonderful and magical day she was spending with Melanie on the beach.

Creative Writing Essays On The Beach

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Creative writing teacher Lorraine Berry believes the beach will be a great setting for classes she is now offering. While it’s peaceful, there is also the action of the waves and the birds. “I think sitting on the beach is at once both relaxing and stimulating,” she said.

A creative story about a day at the beach
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